Looking after your health

From year 9 your regular Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) reviews will begin to plan for helping you to move into adulthood. This will cover areas including education, employment, managing finances and also living independently and looking after your health.

Continuing your health care

You may have many teams supporting you with your health. Some of these teams will keep seeing you until different ages. For example, you may stay with your CAMHS team until you turn 18 years old, but you may move on from your paediatric teams at 16 years old or sometimes up to 19 years old. Your health teams will support you to move to adult services when the time is right. This process will be discussed with you early to ensure a smooth transition to the adult services who need to support you.

Adult social care team

Our adult social care team will work with any health related teams you are currently supported by to make sure you have the continued help you need as you approach adulthood. You can ask your Family Link Officer about this. If you don't have an EHCP or a Family Link Officer you can contact us for advice.

Universal health services

Find NHS services near you - You can find your nearest GP, dentist, hospital and A&E, urgent care service, pharmacy, mental health services etc by using the simple search tool on the NHS website.

Urgent medical advice

if you think you need medical advice right now you can contact the NHS 111 service by calling 111 or using the 111 online service. Always call 999 in an emergency.

Help with your wellbeing

You can get more advice and support from our Health and Social section.  You can find help to care for your health and wellbeing, including:

  • looking after your mental health
  • looking after your physical health
  • drug and alcohol support
  • sexual health
  • support for your wellbeing
  • help with loneliness and isolation