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“ Our local offer website has been co-produced with parents and carers of children and young people with SEND in Walsall “

We're committed to working with children and young people with SEND, and their parents/carers.

Our co-production and engagement charter was written with parents and carers. It explains how we'll make sure our work together is meaningful.

If you think there's something missing on our website or you couldn't find what you were looking for, let us know.

How your feedback makes a difference

As a direct result of your feedback, we've made the following changes:

  1. A new annual review system. This allows you to have more control over your child’s EHC plan and be central to decision-making
  2. An easier to read EHC plan template. This includes preparation for adulthood and clear provision.
  3. Recruited a permanent team to reduce changes to staff. This means schools and parents will find it easier to know who to contact.
  4. Improved links with social and health care to make more robust contributions to EHC plans.
  5. Created a front door staffed by senior officers during the week. Parents and schools can book in a time that works for them and be confident they will be able to speak to someone.
  6. Created family link officers based in localities, with a named officer who will support the family.
  7. Implemented a training and development plan for the EHC team. This will make sure they’re up to date and skilled on EHC pathways.
You said We did
Parents are requesting assessments from an educational psychologist (EP). They feel needs have changed but some schools are saying it isn’t possible. We will always reassess when needed. We are implementing new training for all SENCos. New EPs are joining Walsall
Email queries are not being responded to in some areas in a timely manner. There have been delays answering main switchboard number and sometimes calls being disconnected. We are setting up a communication system which will work via locality emails. This will ensure emails are always answered. We have a duty rota to return all calls.
Parents feel that the Local Offer website is not fit for purpose and looks too corporate. We are currently creating an improved Local Offer website. This has been co-produced with our parents and young people.
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Contact information

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