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Find out about the support your child can get from their nursery, school or college

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Education, health and care (EHC)

How to apply for an EHC assessment, and information about plans and reviews

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Help you can get when your child is in school

Support that's available when your child is in nursery, school or college

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Walsall education options

Find the right learning setting in Walsall that meets your child's special educational needs

Helping your child to learn and thrive

Most children and young people with SEND will get the help they need in a mainstream nursery, school or college. You can learn more about finding the right school and level of support for your child, and how your SENCo can help.

If that's not enough, you can ask for an education, health and care (EHC) assessment. This may mean your child gets extra support via an EHC plan in their school.

For some children, a special school will be the best setting for them.

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