Independent living

Help with money

Find out more about managing your money and finances. There's also useful information on funding or benefits you might be eligible to claim for, including Disability Living Allowance or PIP (Personal Independence Payments).

Help with the cost of living - services and organisations, locally and nationally, to help you meet the costs of every day living.

Citizens Advice can provide help and support in all areas of managing your money and can help if you have problems with debts.

Housing options

Walsall's housing team can help with finding a home to buy or rent and also provides specialist support to young people who need to find accommodation. Contact them for more help and advice.

The Shared Lives scheme offers support where you can live or stay for short periods with a carer in their home. Find out about the Shared Lives scheme in Walsall.

Travel and transport

Find out if you are eligible for help with assisted transport, or if you may be able to get a free Travel West Midlands travel pass.

Motability is a scheme where you can exchange your qualifying mobility allowance for a new car, wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV), scooter or powered wheelchair.

We can provide travel assistance for students over the age of 16.  Independent Travel Training is for any pupil who currently has home to school travel assistance. It helps children and young people with SEND to become independent travellers.

Help to live at home

Find out how you can get support to continue living independently, what support is available, and how payment works.

There's lots of equipment and items you can use in your home to make everyday tasks a bit easier. You may be able to borrow some equipment from us. Check if you are eligible and find our more about the range of support we can offer.

Living Made Easy has more information about other gadgets and equipment which you may be able to buy to help you around the home and in everyday life.

Check if you are eligible to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)  It can be used to make adaptations to your home, to help you live more independently.