Funding you can get

You could be eligible for support from the government and charities.

As a parent or carer, this is to help with the extra costs of raising a child with SEND.

If you're a young person with SEND, there is help with the cost of living, education and work.

Carer's Allowance may be available if you already get disability living allowance or personal independence payments.

Childcare Choices is Government help with childcare costs for parents, including free childcare hours.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a tax free amount of money that can help with the extra costs of looking after a disabled child under 16.

Family Fund is a charity that provides grants for families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people.

Income Support can help to cover your costs if you are low on income and look after a disabled child or young person. It is being replaced by Universal Credit.

Motability is a scheme where you can exchange your qualifying mobility allowance for a new car, wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV), scooter or powered wheelchair.

NHS Healthy Start can help with buying healthy food and milk if you are pregnant or have child under 4, and get certain benefits.

Personal Independence Payments (PIP) are for young people aged 16 and above. It's extra money to help you with everyday life if you have an illness, disability or mental health condition.

Tax Credits are for you if you already get Working Tax Credit. There are extra payments if your child gets DLA or PIP. Otherwise, you should apply for Universal Credit.

Universal Credit can help to replace or top-up your other income. There's an an extra amount for children with disabilities.

Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) can help if you are a student with a learning difficulty, health problem or disability.

Disability Rights UK has advice on funding for disabled students who are studying at further education level.

Office for Students can help with funding for students with disabilities.

Personal budgets and direct payments are for children and young people with an EHCP, social care or health plan.

Workwise could help with travel costs when you get a new job.

Suited for Success provides free interview clothing and coaching.