Graduated approach

The graduated approach is about the early identification of a child or young person’s needs. It sets out how early years settings, schools and colleges can support them.

We aim to make sure that education in Walsall is fully inclusive.

To enable your child to learn and make progress, education settings should:

  • remove barriers to learning
  • put effective educational provision in place

Before you ask for an education, health and care (EHC) assessment, check with your child’s school that they follow the graduated approach.

The graduated approach means:

  • the school provides high quality teaching to all children
  • schools work closely with families
  • there's a clear cycle of review
  • children who need extra help receive targeted support to meet their specific needs (SEN support)
  • children who need specialised support have an EHC assessment (which may lead to an EHC plan) 

The Early Inclusion Framework sets out how we will improve support, pathways and provision. It is currently being updated, and will contain guidance and tools for SENCos. If you'd like to see how we work, you can ask your SENCo for a copy when it's published.