The EHC plan document

The final EHC plan must be issued 20 weeks from the date we got your assessment request.

What's included in the EHC plan

All EHC plans must include:

  • A: family views and aspirations
  • B: any special educational needs (SEN)
  • C: any health needs that are related to SEN
  • D: any social care needs
  • E: what outcomes you’re hoping to achieve, including your long-term hopes for your child/young person's adult life
  • F: what special educational provision they require
  • G: what health care provision they may require
  • H: what social care provision or support they may require
  • I: the name of your child or young person's school or other placement, and what kind of institution it is
  • J: the personal budget, if you have one, and how it may be used to meet any outcomes
  • K: appendices (advice and information collected during the EHC needs assessment)

Chapter 9 of the SEND code of practice explains all the stages that go into a education, health and care (EHC) plan, and guidance on related topics.

Your draft EHC plan

You’ll get an email when the draft is ready. Log onto the EHC hub to see it. You can download a copy if you want to.

You’ll also be able to see the advice that we received. We used this to write the draft.

Have your say about the draft plan

You have 15 calendar days to respond. You can do this in the comments box in the EHC hub. You can also ask for a meeting.

Asking for a named school or type of school

It’s your right to ask for a school or type of school to be named in the final plan.

Section 41 is a list of all independent schools and colleges for children with SEND that have been approved by the Secretary of State for Education.

You can ask for a school or college listed in Section 41 to be named in the EHC plan.

The case co-ordinator (SEN casework officer) will talk to the school(s) and send them a copy of the draft plan. The school(s) will have 15 calendar days to respond.

Your final EHC plan

You can download and print the final plan from the EHC hub

You'll also be able to see the full assessment. It’s on the ‘EHC case summary’ page.

If you move into or out of Walsall borough

Your child's EHC plan will need to be transferred your new local authority. There's information and advice about moving to a new area on the IPSEA website

If you're moving into Walsall borough, contact us and let us know.